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Introducing HERD-2
Our most advanced IR-blocking filter yet

We are happy to introduce our latest infra-red blocking filter, HERD-2. With almost 60% size reduction compared to its predecessor, HERD-1, it is now possible to have our infra-red blocking filter technology integrated into standard SMA inline wiring. Our cutting-edge filter technology ensures industry-leading in-band performance with a highly attenuating stopband. With an insertion loss of 0.13 dB below 8 GHz in room temperature and more than 65 dB of attenuation above 70 GHz, HERD-2 our highest performing filter to date. The filter consists of a gold-plated copper body with an integrated non-magnetic absorber. HERD-2 is suitable for all cryogenic applications using superconducting circuits, including superconducting and spin qubits. Pre-order HERD-2 today to ensure your setup is equipped with the finest in infra-red filtering technology!

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HERD-1 is the first product that came to life at Sweden Quantum. With its industry leading 0.05 dB insertion loss up to 8 GHz it can simultaniously provide over 60 dB of attenuation at frequencies above 70 GHz. The filter consists of an aluminum body with non-magnetic SMA connectors available in different configurations. If required, it can be paired up with an extarnal, non-magnetic, 3D printed absorber. For more information you can find the datasheet and application note below. The application note contains valuable considerations of how to set up HERD-1 for ultimate performance in cryogenic system. It also contains unique data taken on transmon qubits including quasiparticle tunneling rates and radiation field temperature.

About us

Sweden Quantum is a start-up company that began its operations in the spring of 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden. As a spin-off from research at Chalmers University of Technology, we maintain strong connections in state-of-the-art microwave engineering and quantum technology.

We are eager to engage with companies and researchers seeking unparalleled performance in their quantum systems. Our innovative approach to high-frequency signal filtering is embodied in our products, HERD-1 and HERD-2. For more details on these offerings or to discover more about our technology, we encourage you to reach out through the contact information provided below.

Furthermore, for those interested in the scientific foundations of our technology, we invite you to explore our research on High-Energy Radiation Drain filtering. Please find the link to our paper below for an in-depth understanding of our work.


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